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Seibu Giken DST AB, founded in 1985, is a leading international supplier of desiccant dehumidifiers. DST is currently represented in over 40 countries throughout the world.

In 1993, DST became a subsidiary of Seibu Giken Co Ltd, Japan - a world leader in desiccant technology. Seibu Giken Co manufactures dehumidifier rotors, VOC-rotors, heat-exchangers, honey-comb rotors etc. Visit Seibu Giken Co Ltd at: www.seibu-giken.co.jp

We will continue to embrace the same principles as our parent company, providing exceptionally well-engineered, environmentally friendly products of superior quality. Our range of products is specifically designed to solve humidity problems in commercial and industrial applications.

- Supply dry and cool air
- Very low energy consumption

- No need to duct wet air
- Very low energy consumption


- Heated by electricity or gas
- High efficiency rotor from Japan
- Reliable service