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Interzon AB develops and manufactures advanced ozone generators for industrial and professional use. Since 1996 we have been expanding our product portfolio and our product offering is among the most complete in the field of ozone production.



AirMaid V

  • Mainly for kitchen exhaust
  • Reduce grease buildup in exhaust ducts, therefore fire risk is also minimised and the service life of the ventilation system is lengthened. The frequency of expensive duct cleaning is thereby also reduced.
  • Reduce odors up to 95%.
  • No consumable parts, long and reliable service.



AirMaid T

  • Mainly for sewage pumping stations.
  • Reduce odor exhaust
  • Low maintenance cost


AirMaid C

  • Mainly for compactor
  • Reduce odors from compactor
  • Low maintenance cost


AirMaid W

  • Waste rooms
  • Smoke rooms
  • Hotel rooms